Katelin Bannan: The Day-to-Day of Marriage (Money, Sex, Chores)

Episode 7 March 02, 2022 01:36:16
Katelin Bannan: The Day-to-Day of Marriage (Money, Sex, Chores)
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Katelin Bannan: The Day-to-Day of Marriage (Money, Sex, Chores)

Mar 02 2022 | 01:36:16


Show Notes

How do you divide up chores within a partnership? How much money is shared money? What are the daily friction points of being together for many years?

Katelin Bannan (she/her) joins us to dig into all the minutia of her 11-year marriage: money, sex, chores, whether a relationship needs to stay exciting over time, and more. 

You can find Katelin on IG @katelinb and on Twitter @katelin


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[Full transcript of this episode is available here]

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