Minisode: Behind-The-Scenes with Nicole Antoinette

Episode 6 February 27, 2022 00:15:58
Minisode: Behind-The-Scenes with Nicole Antoinette
The Pop-Up Pod
Minisode: Behind-The-Scenes with Nicole Antoinette

Feb 27 2022 | 00:15:58


Show Notes

Today I’m here with a little minisode for you, a peek behind the scenes if you will, which is a chance for me to answer two questions I’ve been getting from folks since this show started back in January. The first question is why I chose a pop-up style and what that will mean for new seasons going forward. And the second question is about how my listener-funded actually model works, and what it looks like to join our Patreon community.


The Pop-Up Pod is 100% listener-supported via our sliding scale Patreon (thanks, ya'll!) which ensures that everyone involved in the show's creation & production gets paid (host, sound engineer, transcriptionist, and all guests!) 

[Full transcript of this episode is available here]

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