Caroline Zook: Navigating Different Needs

Episode 3 February 09, 2022 01:30:03
Caroline Zook: Navigating Different Needs
The Pop-Up Pod
Caroline Zook: Navigating Different Needs

Feb 09 2022 | 01:30:03


Show Notes

What happens when one person wants to get married and the other person doesn’t? How can we maintain relationships with folks who have totally different needs (and ways of being) than us?

Caroline Zook (she/her) joins us to talk about the evolution of her romantic partnership, as well as the journey of getting her needs met (or, more specifically, how to ask for what you need when you're not getting it from the other person, without trying to change them or make them feel like they aren’t enough).

You can find Caroline (and her husband, Jason) at and on IG: @ckelso


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