Becca Piastrelli: The Baby Bomb

Episode 8 March 09, 2022 01:25:01
Becca Piastrelli: The Baby Bomb
The Pop-Up Pod
Becca Piastrelli: The Baby Bomb

Mar 09 2022 | 01:25:01


Show Notes

How do you know if (or when) you want to have kids? What happens to your marriage after having a baby?

Becca Piastrelli (she/her) joins us to talk about her experiences with marriage and motherhood, and in particular how having a baby was like dropping a bomb right into the center of her relationship with her husband. She talks about the decision to have a baby amidst climate grief, her experiences with miscarriage, and so much more.

You can find Becca at and on IG @beccapiastrelli


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