Holly Whitaker: Reflections from 10 Years of Singledom

Episode 12 April 20, 2022 01:29:17
Holly Whitaker: Reflections from 10 Years of Singledom
The Pop-Up Pod
Holly Whitaker: Reflections from 10 Years of Singledom

Apr 20 2022 | 01:29:17


Show Notes

What if you really want a partner, but don't yet have one? Why do we think it "means" something about us if we aren't yet in the relationships we thought we would be by a certain age?

Holly Whitaker (she/her) joins us today to talk about her experience of being mostly single over the past 10 years. She shares honestly about what it’s like to really want something, to feel like you’re missing out by not having it, and yet to also somehow also know that you aren’t ready. This conversation is filled with such wonderful nuance, and Holly and I do our best to each hold space for the both/ands of life—where seemingly contradictory things are true at the same exact time.

You can find Holly at hollywhitaker.substack.com and on IG: @holly


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