Cait Flanders: Purposeful Healing & Romancing Yourself

Episode 10 April 06, 2022 01:35:20
Cait Flanders: Purposeful Healing & Romancing Yourself
The Pop-Up Pod
Cait Flanders: Purposeful Healing & Romancing Yourself

Apr 06 2022 | 01:35:20


Show Notes

How do you heal on purpose? What might help to bring you back to yourself after a life-changingly hard experience?

Cait Flanders (she/her) joins us to talk about healing. More specifically, she shares what the past 2.5 years have been like while healing from a sex-related trauma. (So yes, this is a gentle content warning for you about the conversation ahead, but know that Cait does not go into any detail at all about the experience, and instead this is a beautifully honest and thoughtful accounting of what helped to bring her back to herself as well as what she wants from dating and sex now that she is open to those things again.)

She shares about therapy, about how the commitment to no longer accepting harmful treatment in one relationship wound up changing pretty much all of her relationships, why she bought herself all new sex toys, how she is romancing herself, and more.

You can find Cait at and on IG @caitflanders


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