Erin Axelrod: Reimagining Retirement

Episode 7 November 02, 2023 01:25:03
Erin Axelrod: Reimagining Retirement
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Erin Axelrod: Reimagining Retirement

Nov 02 2023 | 01:25:03


Show Notes

What if we lived in a world where personal security didn't require vast individual savings? 

Erin Axelrod (she/her) is a partner and worker-owner at LIFT Economy, where she accelerates ecological and justice-centered businesses. We talk about reimagining what retirement could mean and look like, including what Erin believes to be the 5 unsafe assumptions about retirement investing as it currently operates (here in the US) and some alternative ways we could measure wealth. We also discuss some of the fears that are currently holding us both back from living in full alignment with our values when it comes to saving, investing, and retirement.

You can find Erin at and

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